Low Voltage Lighting

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Low voltage landscape lighting lowers the risk of shock and is easy to install since the cable does not need to be buried. Additionally, there are far more choices of low voltage landscape lighting fixtures, bulbs, wattages, and designs. Most of the lower voltage lights, particularly IP68 and ETL rated LED lights, can last almost sixty times longer as compared to the older halogen or incandescent bulb lighting systems 

We have been servicing the Brookhaven, South New Jersey, and Northern Delaware communities for over 20 years. Remember, low voltage lighting solutions can be used outside industrial and commercial buildings’ exterior as it can offer a high-quality brilliant luminance around the property, which is unique in addition to being cost-effective.

For most residential applications, 12V landscape lighting is superior, preferred and more common than 120V outdoor lighting. Low voltage landscape lighting: 

  • Operates safely in wet locations 
  • Safe and less disruptive to install 
  • Safe for use where children and pets play, dig, and chew 
  • Cable does not need to be in conduit 
  • Gives more variety in lighting fixtures and bulbs 
  • Easy relocation of fixtures, when rearranging landscaping or making home improvements 
  • Features more elegant designs and options available 
  • Less expensive

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